I Love Birds Coloring Book front cover

I Love Birds Coloring Book front cover

I Love Birds, © 2018 by Sherry Adler, All Rights Reserved

Enter the Dazzling World of...


An Enchanting Coloring Book

– Twelve beautiful hand-drawn illustrations of birds in naturalistic, fairy tale and vintage-inspired settings

– A list of birds depicted is provided, including the dark-eyed junco, mockingbird, song sparrow and tufted titmouse

– Suitable for colored pencil, some markers, and moist brush for dissolving watercolor pencil

– Images are printed on one side only

– Inside pages are printed on 80# 100% premium recycled paper from sustainably managed forests

– The binding allows pages to open flat for ease of coloring

– Two pages of tips and suggestions for coloring and shading birds

– Includes a bonus page of bookmarks

– Inspired by birdwatching in the beautiful Monterey Peninsula

– Size 8 ½ x 11 inches

– An adult coloring book suitable for teens and older children

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